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What People Say

Great working with you BlackMario’s, specially Deepak you doing a great job.

You rose my website from scratch and make it the most amazing part of my life. In beginning I was worried that how can I develop my website and if I developed than, how can I manage but frankly speaking after meeting you, I don’t have to worry about my website because you take care of it and I can focus on my business. Thanks a lot!

SanjeevCEOSarcastic CA

What we do

We provide the complete web solutions and build a website from scratch with our web development techniques and make it at the top of the search engines with our organic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Moreover, we help people in paid marketing like social media marketing and pay per click (PPC), that converts the potential visitors into leads, that’s why one of our client reaches more than 50k followers on Facebook in just 2 months.

A part from that, we also help in website and online marketing management, so, you can focus on your business and leave the rest because we do it for you. Our creative web developers and online marketing experts work for you 24/7 from website security to regular website updates and from creative web content to regular engaging and creative social media posts.

Why us

BlackMario is the leading web development and online marketing company, provide end to end services. We build your online presence beautiful and make it at top of the search engines. We change the game of online marketing by providing our engaging and relatable  services that convert your visitors into customers or subscribers.

Our clients believe in us, that’s we are at top of the Everest. No matter what’s the time or the day, we work… Even on Sundays!


Some of the projects from our recent work, that shows who we are!

Project Seco Scale University
Project Sarcastic CA