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WordPress vs Squarespace: One of the main benefits of WordPress that justify it’s success is how flexible the platform is, allowing scalable content and functionality. Through custom development or the use of themes and plugins available in large numbers, WordPress can suit the needs of many while maintaining easy management and upgrades.

Squarespace on the other hand has 60 themes you can start with and configure, and only one plug-in for each type of functionality. Though these themes and plug-ins are very well built, the flexibility of Squarespace and thus the opportunities to create unique layouts and functionality is perhaps what lacks most when compared to WordPress.

Hosting WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress being a free CMS available for download, it must be installed on a hosting server and the overall security and speed of the website will depend strongly on the hosting plan you purchase. As such, it is important to choose your hosting carefully when using WordPress. With professional advice and a range of offers from $3/month to $100/month and up, hosting can be chosen to suit your needs perfectly. This also means that you can fairly easily change hosts if you wish at any given time.

Squarespace on the other hand is sold as a SaaS, making the tool inseparable from the hosting company. Being tied to Squarespace for hosting makes for great customer support and security but ultimately is the main cause for it’s limited features. Additionally if you wish to change hosts or Squarespace goes out of business… you are out of luck.

Maintenance and longevity

Being the most popular web publishing platform today, and most likely for many years to come, WordPress is also the preferred CMS of many web developers world-wide. This is makes it particularly easy to find professionals to make updates and edits to your site and avoid “starting over” when investing in a re-design by keeping the same database. Additionally, WordPress is constantly updated at a fast rate, as are many of the framework themes used to develop sites using WordPress, meaning that websites build this way have impressive longevity.

Relative to WordPress, Squarespace has a very small community of users and developers, meaning that the issues related to hosting are once again found with longevity: you are stuck with you have.

Ease of use

WordPress is easy to use for both non-technical users and expert developers alike. When working with expert developers, the site can be built to extremely precise specifications, while empowering non-technical site-owners to easily create additional pages, content and edit most text and images without having to struggle to keep style consistency.

Squarespace is built to be extremely easy to use in order to set up good looking websites within a few hours. Thus the interface is arguably even easier to use than WordPress. However, with a focus on end-users instead of developers, Squarespace is limiting in how much customization it allows and ultimately can be unsuited as a tool used to build professional websites for high-end companies.

Conclusion WordPress vs Squarespace

Overall, at Blackmario we believe that WordPress remains the best solution for most users who want to build a website for their personal and especially professional use. The cost to get started is similar, but in the long run WordPress provides more room for growth and is likely to improve in the years to come in ways that leave their competition ever further behind.

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