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As an WordPress developer my sole focus is to develop great websites that load faster, achieve projected goals, and even better. But everything is incomplete until the server is not fast, secure, and scalable to meet the unwanted traffic. So far, we have reviewed several web hosting companies like iPage, Dreamhost, and so on. In this post, I’m going to review the WPMU DEV Web Hosting. But this time I’m going to doing this test more transparent. I setup a basic website to measure the stats; how reliable their hosting is.

I guess most of you have already heard about WPMU Blog, if ever tried to search for “any fixes” or “how to” guide regarding WordPress. Moreover, these guys are behind the some of the popular WordPress plugins like “Smush Pro”, “Defender Pro”, and so on.

WPMU DEV Web Hosting Review

So, this time we are going through all aspects of WPMU DEV hosting from their pricing to server speed. Let’s talk about their plans and features.

WPMU DEV Web Hosting Pricing and Features

Well, they have 4 standard plans; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


WPMU DEV hosting pricing

If you’re just starting or have low traffic website than Bronze plan is perfect fit for your website but if you’re expecting huge traffic than I would recommend to upgrade, accordingly.

As you can see they have simplified their plans very nicely like traffic, ram, cpu, etc. If you compare these plans with other WordPress dedicated hosting providers like WPEngine, you will see a huge price difference. See the below screenshot of WPEngine pricing.

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine Pricing

You can see the difference between their pricing and features. WP Engine starts with $29.17/mo, if you pay for 1 year, whereas WPMU dev cost only $10.

WPMU have 30 days trial period, so, you can play around with all of their features. Also, you can host level 1 first 3 websites for free.

Well, I can safely call them affordable.

Let start analysing their server

Using and adding a new WordPress website is quite simple. You just have to click few buttons and it’s done!

I register for their level 1 plan, where they provide 3 free websites to host. Currently, I am using one of them for analysing:

New Installation on WPMU DEV

New Installation on WPMU DEV

So, I just installed a fresh WordPress. Let’s check their speed on Pingdom.

WPMU DEV Hosting Speed

WPMU DEV Hosting Speed

You can always check this test here.

WPMU Dev Web Hosting Benefits

Server & Plans

  • Dedicated memory, CPU, and SSD storage resources that are completely independent
    of other sites, including other sites you host with us – View Specs
  • Lowest rates for dedicated WordPress Hosting
  • Multisite supported on all plans
  • All plans come with Defender, Hummingbird, and Smush pre-configured for optimal
    performance on our hosting
  • $30 hosting credit for all members (3 bronze level sites or can be used on any plan level)

Hosting Panel

  • Lets Encrypt SSL certs are auto-generated when adding a domain
  • SFTP and SSH support
  • Optional password protection (basic auth)
  • Convert to Multisite from the control panel
  • Manage database via phpmyadmin
  • Built-in migration via FTP or SFTP (enter credentials of the source site and we’ll pull it in)
  • Incremental backups run nightly and held for 30 days
  • Visitor and pageview stats filterable by period – current billing cycle, 7/30/90,365 days
  • bandwidth and storage usage
  • Real-time server stats to monitor resource usage at any time
  • PHP error logs, access logs, slow logs
  • Audit log to view all actions done inside the Hosting panel
  • 1-click Staging environment with push and pull
  • Analytics (visits, storage usage, real-time stats on server usage)
  • Email forwarding

WPMU Dev Support

  • Well, they provide 24/7 live support for any WordPress related issue, they support everything WordPress,
    not just their own products/services.
  • Site cleanup for hacked sites included
  • Free migration to our hosting (our staff will do it themselves if for any reason our automated tools run into issues)
  • Documentation
  • Large private members community


Overall, if I have to choose one host for my next project between dedicated WPMU dev and WP Engine. I would definitely consider them not just because they have affordable plans but also they provide so much value even with smallest plan. If you ever want to purchase their hosting than you can always visit: WPMU WordPress Hosting.

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