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Google has recently announced it confirm algorithm Florida 2.0 core update on 12 March 2019. After time to google has updated their algorithm. Some of them work according to Google algorithm updates, and some are neglect this thing. In this modern era, digital competition is on the peak everyone has a website whether it is for small business or globally.

Google algorithm is essential for us to we have to know about the change of algorithm update. If you know about Florida 1 google announce on 16 November 2003. On which this update hits many websites. Those who have a duplicate content this update, mainly those websites strictly beat them are targeted those who have an ecommerce affiliate product niche, mainly Florida catch website site back-link how they are making, and the primary target on this anchor text with external linking or you also say over optimisation.

Whenever you are making website some of them make a website for personal earning purpose and some for business growth. Those who are thinking about gaining goal, use anchor text with external linking, so they get traffic, and Florida update 1.0 catch them and his website.

Broad core update

In this update, many of the website hit by Florida 2.0 many sites have lost their traffic in previous days. Those who have known the reason they can settle down by correcting them. Now in this update what Florida 2.0 target.
1. Those who have a back-link quality bad or not make it the right way.
2. Duplicate content in a website
3. The new site is taking PBN back-link to grow their ranking they strictly catch by this update.
4. Over anchor texting or you say over optimisation

What method do you use to save from Florida 2.0 core update?

Title and description: If you are writing a blog or an article you should have to write a title and description related to a material as well as bright and clean.

A content: Main part of every website is content; if you are a beginner in content writing do not copy a substance from any of site. You have to write actual content sometimes you use article spinner or any of spinning content software for content writing. But google algorithm always catches them, and its effect on your ranking.

White hat SEO: If you have a seo related field then it is good otherwise you should have to use white hat seo all the work you have done are in genuine ways. Do not take any back-link from any PBN network its effect on your website.

Anchor Text: whenever you are creating back-links like in guest posting does not do over optimisation keep it in ratio formula.

Backlink: Everyone one know that content is like blood to run a website google always like the purity of material, but you also have to make a back-link, do not create too much back-link instead of this you make five back-links in a day but you have to make quality back-link.

Image: Do not insert images from other website is also effect on your site. Use restricted or copyright free images and do proper seo for models like entering image alt tag it’s also helpful.

In the last, we can say that if you have to give competition to another competitor you have to do white seo or specific steps because an algorithm is made by Google to catch you, run slow and make quality not depend on the quantity you can always get success. You have to work under the Google policy and update with them so that you can go long and once in a while you are on a peak. Ayurvedic Herbs

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