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Google news is a great source for ongoing traffic, you can get millions of page views if you just follow the simple rule of thumb but before even that you need Google news approval. So, how can we get that?

Well, in comparison to past days, now it’s easy to get Google news approval. I’m saying this because in past only well-known brands were able to enjoy this great source of traffic but now anyone can apply and get approval.

Things to remember before submitting your website for Google news approval?

Because there is not only one thing so, I listed down all things from less important to backbone and you should not miss any of them if you REALLY want Google news approval.


Well, this is quite common and true that content is king but you also need to keep in mind other things regarding the content.

There is no doubt that you need to write unique content but your content needs to be fresh and up to date. You can’t write about 2 days old topic simply because it is old and Google will treat your website as a normal blogging website instead of news. You need to understand the meaning of word “News”. Write on current topics look on social media profiles if you’re writing about entertainment and celebrities. Look on giant technology website’s newsroom and write your news before anyone else do.

One more thing I want to mention about the content that write on those topics which other sources are not covering or at least change the nature of news like currently Marvel and Sony Pictures has a dispute over profit sharing of Spider-Man movies. So, everybody is writing like “Spider-Man is no longer part of Marvel Universe”. You might be thinking what’s new I can write here? My website is not that big to hire news reporters and I can’t interview those celebs and other people. Well, you just have to do little research on the topic and think out of the box like Forbes did this time.

When everybody is writing about this specific statement and Forbes release a news by comparing both Marvel time Spider-Man and with Sony time Spider-Man pictures earning and who gets the most.

See how they are in the topic but wrote a different side of the news which make them unique. If you keep writing like this, Google will find that your website has unique as well as fresh content than other news websites.


Resources means from where you’re picking the news about a topic. Well, it doesn’t matter much to Google but to readers it matters a lot. When I first got an approval for my website I was not including any link and references to any other website and some people started commenting like Fake news even on social media until a big news website published the same news.

So, always include sources and if you’re using anyone’s copy than give them a link on their proper word. It will build your reputation and trust in front of Google and readers.


Most of the time people consider news as blogging. I mean they publish a post then forget about posting for days. But in news world you need to write frequently, as soon as possible cover every news in your niche so, your readers can consider your website a full stack of news and information.

And it matters a lot to Google. That’s why they have separate feed and algorithms for news websites. Well, maybe you can’t sit 24 hours in front of system to write articles don’t worry it is not necessary. You just need to update your website at least 2 to 3 times a day; morning, noon, and evening is best for beginning.

Google news bots need more content and regular content so, feed them as much as you can.

Be Niche Specific

I know most of you start thinking that no Deepak we don’t need to be niche specific, we can write all type of news we want and most of news website publish all types of news.

I know but first of all, they are giant news corporation and most of them have visual broadcasting network like TV. Again, they are ON for years, decades, and centuries like Forbes and Bloomberg. Don’t copy them and their strategies.

You need to be niche specific before anything else. Choose what type of news you can frequently write. There are plenty of topics and you know them very well.  This will indicate Google you have all updates regarding a news niche. So, they can build your specific place in Google news system.


Don’t just publish a website, write bunch of articles, and submit for Google news approval. Google will not take a single second to reject your website. You need wait at least 45 days if you’re frequently publishing content. I came up with this 45 days’ rule because I got approvals for many sites.

So far, I got approvals for more than 35 websites and frankly speaking; I got approval for first website than straight 13 rejections. It was so much frustrating and especially when you’re working with clients.

So, don’t even try to submit before 45 days otherwise you need to wait for months to re-apply.

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