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Backlinks are still the major part of search engine optimization (SEO), no matter what you do, at the end you need backlinks. And it’s quite easy to generate thousands of backlinks overnight but now Google don’t priorities them, instead they opt the topic relevance, no matter how big a site and linking back to you. Unless the content have relevance to yours they means nothing!

Google washed up all the practices!

Like comment spamming, it is well-known SEO technique which most of the people still use these days. But all these techniques are “die and die”, no “do” exist these days. Google is far more intelligent from yesterday, but there are several tactics, which can help you to generate backlinks for your website in short period of time.

Pinterest is a great to get relevant and quality backlinks in short span. You just need to be creative and of course informative. It just not generate you backlinks but also help you and your brand to shine. So, why should not we leverage pinterest? It is free and easy to use.

There are number of factors, you should start using Pinterest for your business.

First and foremost, Pinterest have 250 million active users in 2019.

Active Pinterest Users

Active Pinterest Users Stats by eMarketer

More than 55% Unites States online shoppers prefer Pinterest as their favourite social media platform before buying anything. Additionally, from those 55% , 47% users bought stuff which pinterest recommends them, isn’t this insane?

In comparison to Facebook, Pinterest is nothing (but just for its user base) because it is old and it would not be wrong to say Facebook is first best social media network for users. But things have changed for over the past few years, Facebook is not what it was in 2010, not even for a normal user.

Facebook is more like spam and a big hub of fake news and recommendation, people lost their interest and the fun they were getting in past. Now, Pinterest is getting day by day (but may be not for the rest of life).

Facebook making their algorithms harder and hader, you can’t exist on Facebook, unless you’ve extra money or millions of followers.

By looking at these statics, Pinterest is the golden opportunity for a business, you just need a plan and perfect time to execute. We all know it’s perfect to share media rich content. This will help you to get backlinks by participating in the community.

With the execution of a few best practices, you can strategically use a Pinterest presence for SEO.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind for generating backlinks with Pinterest

  • Images are supreme of any page or article to establish the trust and the look of overall design. Having a poor image such as containing relevant content and low pixels, firstly it is literally embarrassing, and second, people will click the “back” button in a moment, which directly cost your SEO. Pinterest is a visual platform, it is known for best and high quality graphics. The images you use bridge the gap between users and your content/products/website/whatever. You have to make sure before uploading that your image is eye-catching along with that your message should be nicely crafted for generating backlinks from Pinterest.
  • Create your brand account, click on “Create a Pin”, enter your website or page url, Pinterest will scan your whole website for images but I suggest upload your own image that matches the suggested Pinterest size (long image not the wide one). Although, you can upload all sizes images but it is an image sharing website and your Pin need to be look creative and different from other. So, use a long height image instead of wide one.
  • After doing this you’ll earn solid two backlinks (one in image form and the other one in naked url) that will bolster the credibility of your website.
  • Don’t make your image spammy, writing text like Click here to see the video or read the article make it natural, if a user is interested than he/she will definitely click on that. Don’t force them and make them forget your Pin.
  • Pinterest is simple and similar to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And it would not be wrong to say that, it is going to be better, not just for the users but also for marketers.
  • Besides that, you have chance to feature to your image in others websites as well because the more creativeness you add, the more likely people will share them on their platform.

Remember, when used correctly, Pinterest has a lot of potential as a resource. It’s an ideal platform for generating backlinks, but it’s also a highly trafficked, user-friendly place to position your brand as an authority with your audience.

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