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How to Increase Ecommerce Traffic in 2019: You can generate 30% more traffic next month! But you have to follow some simple rules of thumb, that will actually help you to increase Ecommerce traffic by 30% in 2019. And more traffic simply means more sales to your store!

Ways to increase Ecommerce traffic in 2019

Well, there are many ways to increase your ecommerce traffic but here we are discussing about some popular and simple but yet effective strategies to increase ecommerce traffic in 2019.

  1. Build your list
  2. Start a blog
  3. Use a referral program
  4. Leverage the social media
  5. Reach bloggers

Build your list

Believe it or not but emails still works in 2019 and I am not just talking about email marketing but build your list everywhere; on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram as well. Since, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp is not just a chatting app anymore. It is a good way to reach your potential customers across the globe.

Let’s first talk about email marketing. This is an old way and hopefully everybody knew about this.. Right? But are you taking this seriously? Because you can’t ignore power of emails. Here’s a screenshot from Google’s Consumer Barometer, which display, how people purchase a certain product in United States; simply how do they know about the product.

First Buyers Learn About Product

First Buyers Learn About Product – (image Google Consumer Barometer)

Well, 12% people know about a product from a text message or via email but still more than 1/10th matters a lot. You just have send emails, if this method does not than why Amazon still send emails? Even they send paid emails.

Just think about this, start sending emails today. You can use any email marketing platform out there; Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SendinBlue, and so on.

Next about text messages via WhatsApp and Telegram. This is most cheapest method to acquire a customer. I see a lot of people are doing this even the giant companies not in just ecommerce sector but like communication and many more.

Here’s an real life example; there’s popular shop in my city for women’s clothing. They have several WhatsApp groups and most of ladies are the members, even my sister. Whenever they launch any new item or collection they send their images in the all WhatsApp Groups, which make their customers keep coming to their shop.

And the same thing you need to do, just make a list of customers phone number, create group or send them personally, whatever you like.

Start a blog

Well, starting a blog is not hard anymore in 2019. You even don’t need to hire any developer or designer for that. Just use open source scripts like WordPress or if your already using WordPress or Shopify, then simply you can start creating blog posts today.

One more thing, blogging take time but it sooner or later it will become an asset to your business and that’s why everyone out there post blogs.

And you need to be confused about your blog niche, just follow your products. Suppose if you’re selling mobile phones or their accessories than start writing about product features and how can people use them or review them and compare them, just do!!! Whichever works best.

Here’s a deal if you find any difficulty setting up your blog than contact us. We are doing this for over 5 years now!

Use a referral program

People have their own thoughts about referral programs; some thinks they are expensive, some thinks they worthless, and other don’t know the process.

Well, in referral program you don’t need to be an expert or you don’t have to code for that. Just use the existing services like CJ and so on. It is just like Amazon Affiliates and you need to be worry about anything except the pricing and the amount you want to pay per referral.

Suppose you are selling a product at $10 and it cost you $3, than simply you can pay $2 to $4 for each product or less, just experiment things, and find winning combination. But remember things; high commision attracts people to advertise your product and more attraction means more sales, no doubt you will get less profit but it is good to sell 1000 items of $10 and make $5,000 instead of 100, which will only give you $700.

The choice is yours!

Leverage the social media

As we talked about messaging and email marketing, also you can’t ignore the power of social media. People love to spend their time on social media; whether it is Facebook, Twitter or anything. You just need to find your potential audience, where they spend most of their time.

For instance, I would like to talk about Pinterest. There are 250 million active users on Pinterest every month. And 77.4 million alone in United States alone.

how many people use pinterest in USA

Image: eMarketer

And the most amazing part is 55 percent people specifically look for products on Pinterest before buying anything.

55 percent of Pinners are looking specifically for products

Source: Statista

And even importantly more than 92% of the searches are unbranded, which makes for 1.94 billion unbranded searches that means if you are new than Pinterest is right social media platform for you to use and showcase your product.

Reach bloggers

Well, this type for getting traffic is always paid except you’re organising any referral program but it is bit simpler than any above methods. You just need to contact some well-known bloggers in your industry/niche. Like if you have clothing store than you might want to contact a fashion blogger.

Just send them an email, that you are interested in to advertise your products on their blog and you want them to write a post about their new fashion clothes collection or whatever.

And everybody need money 99.99% they will say YES, and you’re good to go!

So, that’s it for this post “How to Increase Ecommerce Traffic by 30% in 2019” and I’m pretty much confindent, if you do these ways wisely then surely you will get additional 30% jump in your traffic, afterall more traffic == more sales.!

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