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Their are endless ways to do keyword research but in order to rank number one you need to implement a different and unique strategy if you want to stand out from the crowd. You need to use those keyword research methods which others are not even thinking! In this guide, I’m revealing Blackmario’s proven strategy for keyword research for a local business to rank #1 in 2019.

We are using this strategy for about six months, we saw 70% improvement in ranking as well as in the traffic. I’m not saying this alone strategy will rank you #1, you have to do other things as well. But this strategy will help you to find the best keyword to target and how implement them.

So, let’s get started…

This strategy required several different tools but don’t worry all these tools are available for free.

First off, you need two chrome extension the first one SEO Quake

seo quake

seo quake

and the second Keyword Everywhere

keyword everywhere

keyword everywhere

Add them to your browser, I’m using Google Chrome. And in order to activate your Keyword everywhere tool, you need to sign up with them and they will send you an free activation, which you can put in your extension and start using that tool.

Next thing, search for your keyword in Google. In my case, I’m using “plumbers in vancouver”.

Now, I have list of websites that are already ranking for that keyword and on the sidebar, keyword’s data including; cost per click (CPC), Competition, Volumes, and a list of related keywords.

keyword overview

keyword data

My keyword has $34.51 cost per click, 0.58 (58%) competition with 2,900 monthly volumes.

Keyword Overview

Keyword Overview

The keyword is so much expensive, now the question is how can rank for this keyword, where people are ready to pay $34.51 for click?

Don’t worry, it will take time but you will, if do it the right way!

Now, it’s time for using SEO Quake. Look at the bottom of the top search results, you will all the information you need to know about that website.

website information

website information

So, this screenshot is taken from the first result appeared when I searched for “plumbers in Vancouver”.

The website got backlinks from 74 different domains with Alexa rank 1.85M, which is good for a local website but look at the bottom they are displaying 284 ads. That means they are not strong as they look.

And all other top 9 websites have the same overview. So, its kinda easy for me to rank for my keyword.

But still the competition is 58%. Now, we have to choose 3 to 5 different keywords but related to our content and page. Those keywords should have cost per click lower than $20 and the competition should not be more than 40%.

Now, you have list of your top 5 keywords including the one you want to actually rank for.

If you have any question or suggestion about this Keyword Research for a Local Business guide than let me know in the comments. I’ll see you later!

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