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Hello, Local Businesses!!! Wondering why you are not getting any lead? Where your all all customers are visiting? Well, there is only one factor which you are missing; Local SEO.

There are many reasons which stopping you from growing online. One of the main reasons; your less search engine appearance. More than 80% of people do online search on Google before before purchasing anything. If your business is not showing on the top, then there’s no way you will get any new customer.

Many of the business holders think that their business does not need any kind of promotion. But remember those businesses listed in search engines can ingest your all leads and sales. SEO is extremely important for local and small business as for large organisation.

What is Local SEO & How it works?

Local SEO help your business to rank for the local terms. Local SEO increases your visibility on location-based or local searches. It is basically a way to promote your business to the consumers looking for products or services offered by you, in that location. It includes searches like if consumer types any of these certain geo-qualifiers like city, state, zip code, address etc. For instance, if user search for the term like “Plumbers in Vancouver”, this is an example of Local searches and effect of Local SEO those comes up on first page. This keyword is limited to Vancouver businesses and local searches. If users see your business on the top of search engines than they are most likely to contact you and become your customer.

There are two key areas where all businesses fight to rank for:

The first one consist of normal search results which has total 10 places on the first page it’s look something like this:

Local Google Search Result

Local Google Search Result

And the other one is Google maps. Remember Google maps has only 3 places which shows on the top, you need to optimize your website accordingly.

Local Google Maps Results

Local Google Maps Results

Tip: Google maps are the most effective way to get new customers for a local business!

Local SEO is very important if you own a business which serves only in a locality like a brick store, plumbing services, pharma stores, institution etc.. According to stats given by Forbes, 95% of smartphone users have used their devices to perform local searches. Out of which 61% users call the business listed there and 59% visitors to visit the store or business website.

One of the biggest advantages of having a listing there is that 70% users directly call from the Google Searches which means you have a great chance of turning leads directly into your customers.

The importance of listing on Google’s Local Pack of three which is Google maps as shown in above image.

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This is a great spot for local business to appear in Google’s Local 3-Pack. Now the question is, Why Google’s Local 3-Pack? Here’s the answer…

Initially, Google responds to local queries with the most 7 popular businesses in that area. But as the search engine evolved with the time and mobile users increased, Google reduced it to top 3 business listings with “more places” option. But you have to be in the top 3. Why??? Because only 8% of users click on ‘more places’. Therefore, if you want to get some business profit, you’ll have to be listed there.

Hence getting the spot in the top three would drive insane traffic to your business which can generate a huge amount of sales and revenue for your business.

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