Yes, you heard right there are numbers of web hosting provider who provide lifetime free web hosting. And don’t worry about the domain because may be you’re thinking “Ahh! We can’t connect a custom domain they only provide free hosting with their sub-domains like

Don’t worry! follow these steps in How to get free domain name to get a free domain name and connect it with free web hosting.

But before going further let me give you a little disclaimer: because you’re getting lifetime free web hosting and not paying a single penny for web hosting so, they have all rights to shut down this service at any time. Yet, I haven’t heard from anyone but they have right.

Well, there are many free web hosting providers but am not going to discuss about everyone. Am going to discuss about the best and which I like. Literally, I always use free hosting for my projects rather than purchasing or working with a sub-domain.

Free web hosting is great for starters to know more about the internet, for testers, demo projects, and even for a small blog.

Now you might thinking about disk space (web space), bandwidth (traffic limit) and all that stuff.

Pros. and cons. of lifetime free web hosting

Let me tell you, you have unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. Along with that you have cpanel interface where you can install almost anything from WordPress to Joomla.

But all good things also have cons: you can’t install SSL certificates (not even free offered by let’s encrypt). And they have full authority to close your services at any time.

But as I already told you they never did before!

Steps for lifetime free web hosting

Step 1: Open your favourite browser and type

Step 2: Now, click on learn more

How to Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting - Step 2

Step 3: Click Sign up

How to Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting Step 3

Step 4: Register a domain but it will cost you because they only provide free hosting. Otherwise connect your domain by changing nameservers or transfer your domain. I will issue my next article on How to get free domain name, in meantime subscribe to our newsletter for notification. 

How to Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting Step 4

Step 5: Register yourself and don’t worry they will ask you for credit card or paypal but don’t charge.

How to Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting Step 7

Step 6: Click continue 

How to Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting Step 5

Step 7: Then click on checkout

How to Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting Step 6

Ste 8: Last step click on that and congratulations you have now lifetime free web hosting!

How to Get Lifetime Free Web Hosting Step 9

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