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In this tutorial, you will learn How to install free SSL on WordPress. You can use this installation guide on any website not only WordPress the steps are the same.

Before getting started with this tutorial on how to install free SSL certificate on WordPress. You need to log into your Cpanel account. Once you are done then follow these steps.

Steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: ZEROSSl
  • Step 2: Enter your details
  • Step 3: Domain Verification
  • Step 4: SSL/TLS
  • Step 5: Redirection to https

Step 1: Go

Click here to visit the website. Then click on online tools.

how to install free ssl certificate on wordpress

Click on “start” under FREE SSL Certificate Wizard

Click on start

Then wait for some time!

Step 2: Enter your details

Enter your website address including the www version and non-www version. So, the installer can generate SSL certificate for both versions. Email is optional but you can submit so, they will notify you whenever your certificate near the expery day.

After filling your details check both boxes of ZeroSSL terms and Let’s Encrypt SA. Then click on NEXT.


Wait some time, I will generate CSR. After generating CSR download that. Then click on Next and it will generate Key, download that and click on Next.

step 2-2

Step 3: Verification

First off, download both files

step 3

After downloading both files. Moved to your Cpanel account. Under Cpanel go to file manager. Then create a folder with the name .well-known then go to this folder and create another folder and named it acme-challenge.

Go to this folder and upload both files that you just downloaded. Remember the stored file destination should be like this

stored file location

Then click on both file’s link that you just uploaded in your Cpanel

click on links

After clicking both file’s links they should return something like this.


Now, go back to ZEROSSL and click on Next. Two files will appear to download them and stored them in a safe place.

Step 4: SSL/TLS

Go to SSL/TLS under security in your Cpanel

step 4

Then click on Manage SSL sites

Scroll down a little bit and select your domain name

select your domain name

After selecting your domain name go back to ZEROSSL and copy the first file and paste into the CERTIFICATE (CRT) box in your Cpanel.

copy the files

Now, you will get a red message saying this is not valid don’t worry. The CRT file we copied included the Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) so, you should cut the half code from CRT box and paste it into the CABUNDLE.

After that go back to ZEROSSL and copy the second and paste this into Private Key (KEY) box.

Once you’re done click install. Wait for few seconds a message will appear saying “your certificate is successfully installed”.

Step 5: Redirect to https

Now, go to your WordPress dashboard and install a plugin called Really simple SSL

After installing and activating your plugin a message will appear at the top of your WordPress click to redirect your website to https. Click on that and enjoy.

Now, it’s your turn

I hope you like this guide on How to install free SSL on WordPress. If you have any question then feel free to ask in comments. I’ll be more than happy to help you there!