Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like someone is searching something on search engines, for instance, like in Google and your website appears on the first page in top results. That means your website is well-optimized for search engines.

In simple words, search engine’s bot can read your website content easily and whenever someone put the query related to your content, they showed your page(s) in front of them.

For a better view, search for “Vancouver SEO Consultant” in Google search bar, our Vancouver landing page will come first for this query, its just because we’ve optimized our content.

Well, you might heard that search engine optimization (SEO) is hard from many agencies out there? But the truth is evenly opposite of this because in 21st century, we have tons of advanced tools and resources that make this process a lot easier than before. On the other hand, now Google is also becoming more intelligent than before, you can’t rank a irrelevant or low quality page on first page. So, you need to put a lot hard work in that part.

Ways to do search engine optimization (SEO)

There are several ways to do search engine optimization such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, and technical SEO. In other words, if your content or product or services is for broad audience like on national or international level, than you don’t need local SEO but if you’re targeting specific city or a state than you need that more than anything else.

Because Google will show different type of results for both queries, for example, if you are searching for again “Plumbers in Vancouver”, than probably you will get some local ads, and plumbing websites. While if you search for “best plumbers” than no doubt you’ll get results from “Yelp” or listing website that shows top 5 or 10 best plumbers.

Things to consider about search engine optimization (SEO)

These fine but somehow hards days, Google is changing their algorithms 300 times a year, to show their users best and appropriate results. We always recommended to consult with professionals and if you find hard to “find an professional” than do a basic thing. Ask the same question to many SEO agencies, and you will get your answer.

What we do in seo

Well, we do all type of SEO from local to technical, as we are working from over last 5 years, we safely say, that “we reached at a point, where we can help all size organizations” from small or local businesses to large corporations. Checkout a brief view of our SEO process.

Keyword Research

Everything start with a plan and “Keyword research” is somehow a roadmap for whole SEO. It identities, for which search engine terms you want to rank for.

A keyword is basically a term for which you want to rank for. And there are all sort of keywords some are easy to rank and some required more attention than anything. A keyword difficulty is measured between 0 to 100, which also called competition (like how many other websites are trying to rank for that particular keyword).

At Blackmario, we do not use a single tool complete the keyword research, we take benefits of all resources and data available to come up with a strong and profitable keywords, that actually helps your business.

Content Marketing

As we know SEO is long-time task, and content is the backbone of whole search engine optimization task. Believe it or not “CONTENT IS KING”, if anybody says, they can rank your website by just building links and without optimizing than 99.99% chances they are lying to you.

Now, we know content is everything. Blackmario’s content marketing part include everything from producing relevant content for your business to modifying your existing content in such a way, so, it doesn’t hurt your product story and add more value to it.

If you want to find more about our strategy than don’t forget to contact us or email us at, we will happy to share our recipes with you!

Link Building & Backlinks

Well, your content is a piece of whole SEO process. In simple words, like you need recommendation for your restaurant, people who adore your services and talk about your business with other people, that called link building or backlinking process.

At Blackmario, we work with industries top influential news & media and bloggers. To get high quality backlinks for your website, in order to rank for a particular keyword.

Well, we don’t support black hat techniques like private blog network, which damage your website in long run. We only use ethical way to build backlinks, that create value in addition to a traffic source, which normally called as a link-bait.

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