How to Create Page and Post In WordPress

In our previous tutorial we learn 4 ways to install plugin to the WordPress website. Now, this is our fourth article on WP Guide and in this post, we are going to learn how to create page and post in WordPress.

So, without a further a due let’s get into it…

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How to create page in WordPress

First of all login into your WordPress dashboard. Than navigate your mouse cursor to the “Pages” and click on “Add New”

how to create page in WordPress

Now, enter your page title in the “title box” and enter your content in the “content box”

how to create page in WordPress step 2

If you want to add an “featured image” than click on featured image at the end of right side bar. Than click on “select file” and add image from your computer.

how to add featured image in wordpress page

You can add content your content in the “content box” like images, URL’s, Heading 1 to 6, even you can style your content with colors. All you have to do is just checkout these options and try one by one to see their effects. The default tool set will look like this.

how to add content to the wordpress page

In order get more tools for editing click on “Toolbar Toggle” or just type “Sift+ALT+Z” and than your toolbar will expend.

how to add content to the wordpress page 2

After adding the content to the page click on “Publish” and if you want to look at your page, how it actually look like than click on “preview” on the right side bar.

how to create a page in wordpress step 3

That’s it your successfully created your first WordPress Page.

How to create a post in WordPress

In order to add an post to your WordPress website you have click on “Add New” under “Post” on the left side bar of your WordPress dashboard.

The process of adding a page and the post is similar. So, I am not going to repeat all steps again. After clicking on the Add New you will promoted to new page, where you can add your WordPress post. After that, take a look at the page, and follow the all steps, I mentioned in “How to create a page in WordPress”. Because adding a new page and post interface is similar to each other.

And that’s all for this tutorial. I hope you learn “How to Create Page and Post In WordPress”, if you have any question or suggestion than feel free to ask in comments. I’ll be more than happy to help you there.


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