How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 2018

This question is quite popular from the past few years especially, beginners who want to know about how they can start their blog? Well, don’t worry in this article I am going to give an ultimate guide on “how to start a blog in 2018”. And after that you will never ask again to anyone and even from me. Because this post will clear your all doubts and question.

First off, we are going to cover all those topics which you’re thinking right now, from buying an hosting account to how to make money from that blog? So, let’s get into it…

Table of content

1.) How to start a blog – Step 1: “Niche”

Well, first thing when you’re starting a blog is you’ve to decide what it is for? I mean you have to decide your topic, your audience, and which people are going to read your blog.

Yes, it is the important part of a blog website. You should have to choose a niche in which you are good at, so, you can write unlimited content like if you’re a fashion designer or something like that than you should start a blog for same.

Let me give you some ideas to configuring out from niche situation. Like you’re a Python developer and you have a lot knowledge, so, you can start a blog for the same, you write articles on problem you faced while developing because most of other people also faced them too and you have the solution and write it in a blog post and people gonna read that!

That’s how it actually works..

2.) Right name for your blog website

Some people says you should include the main keyword in your domain name and I am agreed with them it is somehow beneficial it does not hurt you. But if you have a different name which has not include your main keyword than don’t worry about that. It’s not gonna affect your blog. You can name your blog whatever you want.

If you don’t believe than look at my domain it’s called should I  include any type of keyword? I mean my whole website related to web development and SEO, have you seen any keyword? Not, because it doesn’t matter. If you have good content than it will definitely rank. And one more thing this theory only applies who want to build their BRANDS. Google never include “search engine or anything related terms” in their domian. Just think about it!

But your domain should be short, simple, and pronounceable to anyone. Like if you’re starting a blog on pasta than it should be like “pastalover”, “yourname+pasta”, “yourname+cook”or anything whichever is short and simple.

pro tip: Try to keep it in 16 characters.

If you don’t know where to buy domain name than go to any domain provider whichever you like but I use Godaddy. And if you don’t know how to buy domain than there are tons of videos and articles available. So, go to Google Search and learn how to buy domain.

3.) How to start a blog – step 2: “Right host”

Picking a wrong hosting will eat your whole website, Yes, when I started I choose the cheapest hosting (because the lack of knowledge) after a successful failure, I realize being web developer doesn’t mean everything will be OKAY! You should choose right everywhere.

Let me give some example to configuring out how to choose right hosting platform?

If are new to web, I mean you don’t know about coding or anything choose free platforms like freewebhosting to try yourself because we always take test exams before real exams. Checkout this if you want free web hosting if not than continue read this.

If you just want to start a blog and nothing else than their are many options available in the market you can go any of them.

The first and most popular is “shared hosting”. Shared hosting means actually a server (named as IP address) which is provided by web hosts. This is the most cheapest and suitable platform for beginners or who have less traffic.

Actually, shared hosting is a hosting type where number of people host their website by sharing the hosting server. In layman terms, a server is like a computer which store data and it is shared by number of people, where number of people (unlimited) host their websites.

There are also hosting type available like Virtual Private Network (VPN) hosting, Dedicated hosting, and of course my favorite cloud hosting.

Literally, if I am not wrong you’re a bit confused. So, I am not going to tell you the meaning of everything just read the following things and pick the right one.

  • If you have a small website, less traffic up to 4,000 in real time (I mean number of users who visit your website at single time) than go for shared hosting.
  • If have more traffic than above than go with VPN, Dedicated or cloud hosting
  • One thing I want to tell, cloud is not like other hosting so, choose cloud only when you know how to setup things like SSH, terminal, commands, and etc otherwise go for others.

And choose from the best (I preferred)like

4.) How to start a blog step 4: “Right platform”

Almost 80% of blogs are hosted on WordPress if (I am not wrong). Platform is different than hosting, hosting is where you host your website and platform means by which technique or software you are going to use for publishing.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you everything about it.. 😉

There are many platforms available in the market like WordPress, Gost, Tumblr, Blogger, and so on. So, what we choose? My  answer is WordPress because you can do anything with it. If you want to start selling than you can, if you want to provide services than you can, I mean everything. Even I hosted my website on WordPress where I also sell my services like SEO (or I can say Online Marketing), Website development, and website maintenance & management.

A part from that WordPress has also two versions.The first one is and second one is

The has free and paid versions. In this case you don’t need to buy hosting as well as domain they will provide, you just have to choose the plan and start blogging. But it limit your potential income and you don’t have the flexibility to do things except the “business plan” which will cost you too much.

And is free but you have to purchase the hosting first as we discussed in our previous step, than you can install it for free. I also use this it doesn’t limit your earnings, you can integrate any ads from the advertisement network like Google Adsense, or anything you want. Moreover, you can install any third party theme and plugin.

So, go for

5.) How to start a blog: Setup  your blog

Start a blog website – Step 1:

We are using WordPress to setup our blog. I assume you’ve your hosting and domain. Now, how to install WordPress on hosting, if you’re using cpanel hosting it’s pretty much simple, just go through with these steps:

  • First login into your cpanel
  • and then go to WordPress under the “installer” or search it in the search box

how to start a blog and make money in 2018 step 5

  • After that click on install
  • You will be promoted to a new page. Than choose your domain (choose if you don’t have ssl certificate otherwise go with, name your blog, give a tag line, choose a username & password, and choose a theme (don’t worry we can change it later)
  • Last step click on install

Wait 10 to 20 seconds you’ll be notified when it done! Now, you can login into your WordPress dashboard by going to this URL: Enter your username and password and click login.

CONGRATULATIONS you successfully completed the step 1.

How to start a blog –  Step 2: 

Choose your theme in the under “appearance > themes”, you have any third party theme or you want to purchase here’s a best themes for you, checkout this post it has four theme select whichever you want.

After selecting the theme go to appearance > theme > add new (on the top left side) > click “upload (on above)” > choose your downloaded theme and click upload.

How to start a blog – Step 3: 

Now, you’ve your theme and we are going to setup our blog’s basics.

  • Now, go to settings > General change the settings according to you like name of your website, tagline, email address, Time, and date.
  • 2nd go to settings > reading change the settings if you want otherwise default are nice.
  • Now, go to settings > permalink change it “Post name”
  • Last step go to settings > Discussion at the bottom choose your “Default Avatar” whatever you like.

Hence, all installation and all basic setup is completed. Now, you can write articles like me publish it to the world. 🙂

6.) We step our blog now how to make money from that blog?

There are a lot of methods available to earn money from a blog like ads, selling, affiliate marketing, and so on. I am going to introduce you briefly with all of them.

a.) Advertsiment

You can advertise on your blog and make money from it. For ads you can use direct advertisements like make a contract with someone but in the beginning with a small blog website no one want to advertise because direct advertisements only work if have a lot traffic but we have solution for that.

You can use advertisement networks like Google adsence and whcih are most popular. Google adsence is first choice of every blogger because of its high CPC (click per cost) rate but they only approve your account when you’ve great quality or content and your blog should be 6 months old at least. If you need approved adsence account than this guy can help you.

So, now what we do?

There is another alternative available to google adsence that is which has equal level of CPM rate. This is the best advertisement network in the world after Google adsence. Just go and sign up them

b.) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone’s products or services on your blog. When someone purchase from your given link, you’ll get the commission. There many affiliate programs available like Amazon, Share a sale, and so on. Choose whatever you like and which best fits in your niche.

c.) Selling

If you’re good at something, than don’t do it for free. If have something you can sell than go for it. You can sell anything but what people need, like E-books, services like I provide or Whatever you like and people need.

That’s all…

I hope you like this “How to start a blog and make money in 2018” guide. If have any question or suggestion than feel free to ask in comments, I’ll be more than happy to help you there!

And if you don’t want to setup from yourself and need personal assistance than here are services I provide